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For some of us winter is our element. We do really well with the cold temperatures, snowy activities, and overall lifestyle. Others have to try a little harder in this season. One of the most difficult parts of functioning in winter is driving.

Driving in slick and snowy conditions can be scary! Ice is scary, but what can be more scary? Black ice. Luther Hudson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram believes knowledge is power. We want to help you understand and provide some tips for this winter.

What is black ice?

Black ice did not earn its name from its appearance. The ice is not actually black. However, people are most affected by it on the roads. Actually the ice is just a frozen glaze over already formed ice, this makes the road extremely slippery and dangerous.  

How do you spot it?

Black ice is extremely difficult to spot since it’s transparent. Knowing what conditions will most likely create black ice is important. Black ice is more likely to be on the roads in the morning and when the temperature is freezing or below. You also want to be more mindful of the possibility of black ice on roads that are less traveled. You want to be particularly careful on bridges, over passes, and when driving under either of these.

Paying attention to fellow drivers on the road is also important. Typically if you see the cars swerving for no reason, you can assume black ice is the reason. If you are trying to spot black ice, you will just want to look for a slick glossy area in the road.

What do you do?

When you find yourself driving on black ice the two things that are most important are: keeping the wheel straight, and not hitting the brakes. It is especially important to stay calm and not to panic, this will only make the situation worse. If you can switch into a lower gear and take your foot off the accelerator, that is what you’ll want to do to slow your speed.

Go With It

If you find yourself sliding off the road or losing control, go with it. You always want to steer the car in the direction that the rear wheels are sliding. The best thing to do is to keep the wheel straight and to not make any sudden reactions until after you're done sliding. If you must run into something try to slide into an open area where it would be safest for everyone.


  • Always travel slowly on icy roads. It is not worth your safety.

  • Keep your distance from other drivers. Don’t tailgate!

  • Drive with your headlights on in order to make it easier to see if there is black ice. Although, sometimes you will still not see it.

  • NEVER drive with cruise control in icy conditions.

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